Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A memory from Kalymnos

I just found this photo of me on the net. . . . way back in 2003 onsighting Aegialis, 7c or 7c+.

With weather like we are having in the UK, perhaps its time to go back. . . .

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

British Leading League Elite Champion

This Saturday I won Grand Final of the British Leading League!

After 3 months of competitons around the country I qualified for the Grand Final of the British Leading League.

The Grand Final was held at the Foundry in Sheffield and was attended by over 60 of Britains top climbers from all over the country.

I was in the Senior Male Elite Category and had strong competition from 4 other GB Team climbers.

The competition took the following format: Each competitor had 3 chances to complete each of the 5 climbs - a 7a, 7b, 7c, 8a and an 8b (the same grade as a World Cup Semi Final route), the least amount of attempts it took you to do the route the more points you scored. i.e. if you did the climb on your first go ('flash') you scored maximum points.

I climbed out of my skin 'flashing' the first four routes up to and including the 8a, as did Drew Haigh. First place was therefore all down to the last route - the 8b. . .

I had to climb first and therefore was under the disadvantage of Drew being allowed to watch how i climbed the route. . .

Despite the pressure I climbed really well on this route and managed to climb to the highest point in the Elite category . . . and became the British leading League Elite Champion!

It was a really great day - (photos to come very soon) and it bodes sowell for me for both the one off British competition the BLCC in Edinburgh later this year and the World Cups and World Championships that i will be attending.

Without the support of my Sponsors - Peak Performance, Maximuscle and MTB it really would not have been possible to achieve this - so thanks so much guys!