Monday, 9 July 2012


I am very proud to announce ClimbCoach.

A climbing & bouldering training app that is designed to make planning, executing and recording training easier so that you can reach your goals more efficiently and effectively.

ClimbCoach is now on the Apple App Store here: ClimbCoach

It's been a long time coming - years of experience and knowledge from competing for Great Britain for 10 years and working in advertising have been poured into the app . . . but the actual idea was conceived and designed while I was sat in my campervan in Patagonia during rest days!

It's not all down to me though i must thank: Steve McClure, Ramon Marin & Stuart Coupe for all their efforts too.

Here are a few details of what you can expect to find in ClimbCoach:

-        Workouts - Over 20 individual climbing & bouldering specific workouts that can be chosen by equipment, fitness type, goal or discipline

-        All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level workouts 

-        Training Diary – allows users to plan, record & review their training at the touch of a button

-        Workout Films - How-to-video workout films filmed with top international climbers Steve McClure 

-        Auto-timed Workouts - Fingerboard and Campus Board workouts

-        Wall Ticks - Record the routes or boulders you have climbed at your local gym.

-        Tick-lists – Test yourself on routes and problems to see how you are improving between sessions

-        Achievement Badges - Keep you motivated to reach that next level

-        Progress Graphs - Cumulative and average grade graphs to track your progress over 7, 30 and 90 day periods

-        Intelligent progress bar - Reminds you how far you got last workout and what you need to aim for next workout to improve

Check out the Facebook page here: Facebook

Or the website here: website

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Back to the real world

A short film made in Kalymnos with the help of ClimbCoach. Enjoy!