Thursday, 17 September 2009

Rodellar & Bielsa 2009

I am currently out in Northern Spain training prior to the World Cup in Puurs in 2 weeks.

It's great to be out here training on rock as opposed to pulling indoors on plastic on the same routes and boulder problems.

It has been a blinder of a training trip already as I completed my two main goals for the trip within the first two days - Botanics, 8b+. I did this first go last Sunday! I did try the route last year though and i tore my Collaterol Ligament on it and had to stop climbing for 5 months . . .

I also climbed one of the maddest looking lines in Rodellar; El enano de la chepa del Seta, 8a+, again first try. It has a double dyno practically as the last move whilst in a 8m near horizontal roof while you are 25m high!

We also decided to check out Bielsa, a mountain crag in the Pyrenees very close to France. It's a beautiful area spread across 3 very different sectors with incredible views and practically unclimbed on rock!

La Foz was the most impressive area, containing many mid-8 grades through a barrel roof.

Here's a shot of me failing to onsight an 8a+ . . .

With training going so well i am going to be jumping on something that pushes my limits a little further . . . i will keep you updated.