Friday, 5 November 2010

Mexico - El Chonta & Jilotepec


There are some crags you visit and you have seen it all before. . . and there are some crags which blow you away - El Chonta is one of them. And we were lucky to have a guided tour by mr chonta himself 'Mac'

It's a 7 pitch high limestone cave that is impossibly deep, steep . . .

. . . and literally dripping with tufas. I was lucky enough to onsight this the classic route of the cave, Atasco - 8a.

Our accommodation's location could not be any more wild. . .

. . . as neither could the ambience!

What a place.

p.s. We have heard that there isn't so much climbing south of Mexico . . . until you cross the Darien Gap and get to Ecuador, South America . . . we'll just have to learn how to surf!

Anyway, this wouldn't be a very interesting climbing blog without climbing content, so I will be writing another blog based on our travels from Mexico all the way through to Buenos Aires in Argentina you can find it here: